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What Is Two-Stage Heating?

ThermostatHomeowners who install a new heating system can choose from three different kinds of furnace. Single stage and variable stage furnaces are popular, but many choose two stage heat. So, what is Two-Stage Heating and how does this kind of central heating work? A HVAC specialist will take numerous factors into consideration when recommending a suitable furnace. The heating engineer will consider the overall size of the property, the existing insulation, ductwork and heating requirements.

A reputable boiler installation company will give the cost of installing a new heating system and provide a free, no obligation quote. New home heating systems are expensive; hence homeowners should invest in a HVAC unit that meets their needs. Here are the pros of multistage heating.

The Advantages of Multi-Stage Heating and cooling Systems

. Standard furnaces are incapable of maintaining a steady air temperature. However, the two speed furnace emit a continuous flow of air to maintain room temperature

. The air travels slowly through the heating filtration system; hence it is clean and free from pollutants

. A 2 stage furnace operates quietly and emits little carbon dioxide

. Two-Stage Heating units initially provide warm air. However, the smart heating system produces additional heat as and when room temperature drops

. The multi-stage heat pump offers a much longer cooling cycle. This promotes dry air and combats mold and mildew problems

Many up-to-date cooling and heating units, such as heat pumps, boilers and furnaces offer multi-stage heating and cooling. However, the most efficient HVAC systems utilize multistage technology. A two stage air conditioner is has variable speed fans. The speed of these blowers equals compressor and condenser output.

Two-Stage Heating is energy efficient; therefore homeowners who install a variable speed furnace use less power and enjoy lower utility bills. We hope this article on two-stage furnaces helps you to choose the best heating system for your home. We have a wealth of energy-saving tips to share. In addition to this, we have written numerous articles on how to keep heating and cooling systems working efficiently. So, look out for more free energy saving tips and learn how to cut utility costs.

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