Repairing AC Compressor maintanance in Austin

Temperature Control Tips & Tricks For HVAC Systems

With the right maintenance and settings, HVAC systems can control indoor temperatures much more precisely and efficiently. Homeowners may achieve this goal with the help of these handy HVAC tips:

1. Clean the evaporator coils on air conditioning units. It will ensure that they can efficiently reduce the indoor temperature. This component should be free of dirt, dust and moisture.

2. Place covers on condenser units in the winter. Use care not to accidentally turn on an air conditioner when Fahrenheit temperatures fall to less than 60; this can harm the equipment.

3. Trim nearby trees and bushes to ensure that they remain a minimum of 24 inches from HVAC grilles. Do not allow leaves or mowing debris to accumulate on them.

4. During the summer, turn up the air conditioning temperature. Energy expenses may fall by about one-eleventh when it is set just one degree higher.

5. Try to cool outdoor compressors by keeping them in the shade. This can cut cooling costs by as much as one-tenth and enable faster indoor temperature changes.

6. When condenser fans sound like they are hitting other components, they might be bent. It is much safer to replace the fan blade instead of attempting to straighten it.

7. Schedule tuneups of HVAC systems before cooling and heating seasons begin. This will promote optimal efficiency and dependability, helping to keep indoor temperatures under control at all times.

8. If possible, remove the oil port caps and apply a detergent-free lubricant to the motor in a condenser fan. Ten drops of oil is quite adequate.

9. Some HVAC filters can be washed monthly; this improves reliability and efficiency. A system’s printed directions normally provide specific instructions. Always fully dry a filter after cleaning it.

10. It is generally necessary to change air filters every 90 to 120 days. Be sure to use a high-quality replacement product, and keep in mind that different filters fit different equipment.

A skilled contractor can help you maintain dependable HVAC systems. Please contact our staff for equipment tuneups, filter replacements, repairs and all of your home’s cooling and heating needs.

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