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What Are Some Signs My Furnace Isn’t Working Properly?

Furnace users can easily identify some of the signs that indicate their furnaces are not working properly. Some of these furnace warning signs to look out for include strange flames, strange smells and noises, furnace age and or irregular room temperatures. Being always on the lookout for these warning signs can save clients excessive energy bills, inconveniencing furnace breakdowns and human health/ life.

Warning signs of an Improperly Functioning Furnace

Here are some of the warning signs that your furnace is functioning improperly:

Strange Flames

Most furnaces, except electrical furnaces, emit flames from burning fuel. If and when a gas furnace burns flames, other than on the burner, or has a yellow, green, red or orange flame, it is an indication that the furnace is not working properly. Yellow or orange flames indicate inadequate gas burning, whereas other colored-flames indicate combustion of other things, other than the gas. Any flames on an electric furnace indicate something wrong; switch off main power and call an HVAC professional. Wood burns bright yellow flame, which later turns into a red glow. Other coloured flames or smells indicate a problem with the furnaces oxygen inlet or presence of other burning materials.

Strange Smells

In most cases, burning gas does not emit any smell. Smelling gas is an indication of gas leakage, which compromises your furnace’s effectiveness and endangers life. Burning or other smells on other furnaces also indicate improper furnace functioning. The smell of smoke from your coal or wood furnace indicates obstructed airflow, where smoke does not get fully emitted.

Abnormal Sounds

Knocking, grinding and or other sounds from your furnace indicate a furnace in trouble. A qualified HVAC technician can conduct a furnace inspection to detect the source of the noise, and fix it appropriately. Normal sounds comprise gas-burning sound, humming of your electric furnace’s mortar and wood-burning crackling sound.

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Some furnace problems can be detected easily through human senses. Unusual flames, sounds and smells from the furnace indicate improper furnace function. Urgent responses should comprise switching off the furnace or power source, and calling HVAC professionals to do advanced check-ups and appropriate service. Feel free to contact your local HVAC contractors for HVAC services.

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