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HVAC Systems Need Regular Maintenance

When you own a home, taking care of general maintenance is an important part of making sure it remains in top condition. The same is true with your HVAC system. With regular maintenance, you’ll get more reliable performance as well as the very best in energy efficiency.

One very important part of routine HVAC maintenance is something homeowners can do on their own. Every month, it is important to inspect your air filter and replace or wash it if it is dirty. A clean air filter improves energy efficiency, protects your HVAC equipment and ensures optimal heating and cooling.

Additionally, professional HVAC maintenance should be scheduled prior to the beginning of each heating and cooling season. A professional HVAC service technician will inspect your system and perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Check the thermostat to make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Check electrical connections and tighten as needed. Faulty electrical connections can be dangerous and are a potential fire hazard. They can also decrease the life span of HVAC system components.
  • Check all system controls for proper operation. HVAC equipment should not only operate correctly, but it also should start and stop properly.
  • Lubricate any moving parts. This is an important part of making sure the parts are able to provide maximum efficiency. Parts that are not lubricated can lead to system failures.


Additional Maintenance for Cooling Systems

  • Clean the coils. Dirty coils make it hard for your air conditioning system to cool your home. This puts undue strain on your HVAC equipment and increases energy usage.
  • Clean blower components. For maximum efficiency, your cooling system needs proper airflow. A dirty blower or a blower that needs adjusting can reduce home comfort levels as well as energy efficiency.
  • Check refrigerant. Your air conditioner needs refrigerant to cool your home; however, if there is too much refrigerant or not enough, your cooling system is at risk for mechanical problems. Improper coolant levels also decrease efficiency.


Additional Maintenance for Heating Systems

  • Check connections for gas or oil as well as burner combustion, gas pressure and the heat exchanger. Heating equipment that is not functioning properly can be put the health and safety of your family at risk.

With regular HVAC maintenance, you will be able to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment are able to deliver efficient and reliable service for years to come.

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