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Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

It is essential to consider home power surge protection. Surges of power may occur from external or internal sources and may lead to big damage. In order to avoid costly repairs, it is essential to protect your home utilities. Power surges create millions of dollars of damage each year. They can short circuits of home appliances or cause cumulative damage to smaller devices like computers or televisions.

When there is a spike of voltage through electric wires, harm can come to anything that is plugged into an outlet. This includes air conditioners, furnaces, and laptops. A large surge may lead to damage of circuit boards or other electrical parts. Smaller surges that are repeated over time may go unnoticed, but they lower the durability and lifespan of various items as well.

Sources of Power Surges

Power surges may originate from numerous sources. Lightening, auto accidents, or routine utility work may lead to surges. They may also begin within the home as larger appliances turn on and off. This causes a release of voltage through the lines.

How to Protect Appliances

Besides routine HVAC maintenance, it is essential to guard the home from power surges. Point of use devices are very popular. They often resemble traditional plug strips, but they provide protection to the items they power. Service entrance protectors may also be used and are commonly mounted on the home’s electrical panel. This brings safety to most hard wired items throughout the home. This guards against surges that enter from the utility lines.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no absolute way to keep power surges from occurring. However, there are ways to alleviate the costly damage that may occur. To minimize the likelihood of struggling with power surge problems, it is essential to work alongside your local HVAC technician. This expert has knowledge and experience in protecting the home from all sorts of problems, especially power surges. Instead of the headaches and expense of dealing with power surges, protect your home from the beginning. A solid home power surge protection plan will be one of the house’s biggest assets.

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