HVAC Repair and Bad Indoor Air

Is there a weird smell in your home? Perhaps you smell it once you get home from work, or when you open a room you haven’t been in all day. That is a sign of poor air quality, and you may be putting yourself and your family in danger if the problem is left alone.

What makes your indoor air go bad? Here are some reasons:

1. Air Conditioning

When you don’t clean your HVAC system, you could accumulate moss, mold, and a lot of dirt trapped in there. Make sure you clean your system regularly whether there is an odor or not. Contact AB&B Air Conditioning and Heating for a thorough check and HVAC repair.

2. New Carpets

When you buy new carpets and first lay them out, you could be releasing the vinyl and glue fumes from under the mat. It is a good idea to air out your carpet first to get rid of fumes before letting your kids play on it.

3. Arts and Crafts

The sunny outdoors is the best place to have your kids play with paints, colors, glue, and other crafts. Doing so in an air-conditioned room may cause some chemicals to circulate and affect indoor air quality.

4. Pet Dander

Aside from the hair that your beloved pets shed, they also shed skin called dander, which can be an allergen for some kids and adults. It can cause asthma attacks, coughing, and even anaphylactic shock for the severely allergic.

5. Dampness and Mold

You may be unaware of damp spots that have started to breed bacteria and mold in your home. Check your attic, ceilings, and other neglected corners for moldy spots.

Getting a reliable HVAC professional to check your home for any of these problems is key to keeping your family healthy. Make sure to contact AB&B Air Conditioning and Heating at (512) 670-8883 in Austin to get a professional familiar with your concerns.