How to Make Your Loud AC Quieter

Noisy air conditioners are not uncommon; actually, many homeowners think that AC obnoxiousness is the price for comfort. Although many cooling systems, especially old ones, naturally produce sounds, you can do something about the racket yours makes.

How can you enjoy peace and quiet with your air conditioning equipment? Use these expert tips:

Determine the Kind of Noise It Creates

ACs make different noises, but some of them are a cause for concern. Unlike the usually harmless humming noise, rattling, buzzing, and clanking sounds suggest that your unit needs an air conditioner repair. Muffling the noise when your AC is crying for help is detrimental to it.

Install a Fence

Is your AC making a ding that keeps you and your neighbors up at night? Build a noise-reducing fence around it to make it friendlier to the ear when in operation. Also, consider adding a sound blank to its fence to further dampen your unit’s noise.

That said, proper fence design is paramount. Its enclosure must be higher than the outdoor component and provide several feet for adequate ventilation and maintenance.

Upgrade Your Unit

Sometimes, air conditioners are doomed to be loud simply because they lack the technology to keep it down. Fortunately, many products these days use insulating, mounting, and venting advancements to help muzzle, annoying sounds. If you’re having more problems with your AC than noises, getting a naturally quieter unit is perhaps the best course of action to take.

Turn to the Authority for Air Conditioner Repair

When you can’t keep your AC’s operation on the quiet side, turn to AB&B Air Conditioning and Heating for air conditioner repair or replacement. You can count on our HVAC technicians to maintain or upgrade your cooling equipment to boost your indoor comfort without hurting anyone’s ears. Contact us now for more information at (512) 549-4808. We serve Bastrop, TX.