Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit

Many cooling systems require frequent air conditioning repair jobs, not because they’re of bad quality, but rather because they’re not compatible with the areas they serve. When your air conditioner is inadequate for your cooling needs, it would have to work harder to achieve your desired indoor climate, causing it to wear more quickly.

To choose the right cooling equipment, consider these important factors before you buy:

Type of Unit

Air conditioning systems come in a variety of types: window, through-the-wall, portable, and whole-home units. All of them can remove heat and humidity from the air, but they function differently.

Window ACs fit into wall openings, especially of double-hung windows, making installation and removal easy. Bigger and heftier, through-the-wall cooling systems sit within an air conditioning sleeve placed into the exterior wall. For windowless areas, portable units are ideal, but whole-home air conditioners can cool every room at once.

Cooling Capacity

The cooling power of air conditioners is measured in BTUs. The higher the number, the faster the equipment can reduce the space’s air temperature.

Area Size

The size of your air conditioning system should match the size of the space it would cool. BTU calculators can help you determine the sufficient number of BTUs your air conditioning system needs to efficiently keep your room comfortable.

Heat Sources

Don’t forget about certain variables. The cooling demands of rooms vary depending on the existence of heat sources. Consider everything that could make your space hotter to pick the AC with the optimum capacity. The usual offenders are the sun’s infrared rays streaming into your interior, appliances in use, and occupants staying in the room.

Reduce the Need for Air Conditioning Repair With the Right Unit

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