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Always Carry Out Heater Checks In The Fall To Stay Warm And Safe

Anyone looking for handy home maintenance tips this Fall should make sure that they check their heating system. Fall maintenance heating system checks are a crucial part of ensuring that you can relax in your home all winter.

Most heating technicians and service engineers will tell you that most emergency winter service calls can be attributed to lack of maintenance. This makes a preseason heater check an essential thing to do, not merely a nice optional extra. While most people would pay less than $100 for typical home furnace, the cost of fixing a broken or badly maintained furnace can run to much higher than that. The costs are increased when days taken off work to wait for service engineers, or spent in the freezing cold at home, are taken into account.

A poorly-maintained furnace can also work on a much less efficient basis. This leads to higher fuel bills, and can also cause other problems, such as the emission of unpleasant fumes. If you live close to your neighbours, then this can cause a degree of tension. If the fumes are the odourless, colorless, but deadly, Carbon Monoxide then the potential consequences do bear thinking about.

Regular maintenance can reduce furnace repairs costs greatly. It is generally believed by service engineers that around three-quarters of furnace problems and breakdowns are simply due to a lack of care. It is therefore a good idea to carry out the following checks on your heating system this Fall. If you do not have the skills to carry out the checks yourself, then the costs of hiring a professional will more than justify themselves in the long run.

Routine Checks:

1. Electrical connections and test voltage should be checked. Any faults here can seriously compromise the effectiveness of your furnace.

2. All moving parts should be properly lubricated. Machines without adequately lubricated moving parts tend to wear out quickly, and work much less efficiently than they should.

3. Check the air filter. This should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

4. Check condensation drains, and make sure that they are cleaned of any blockages.

5. All exhaust outlets, such as flues and chimneys, need to be checked regularly too. Blocked exhaust outlets can lead to a build up of dangerous fumes, such as Carbon Monoxide.

6. Start and stop controllers, which usually run via the thermostat, should also be checked for full functionality.

7. Check the mechanical aspects of the furnace, such as fuel lines, connections, burners and heat exchangers. If these are not working properly, you can lose efficiency.

A preseason heater check could well be the most important maintenance you carry out this Fall. It can save you money in both the short and long term, and should not be neglected.

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