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AC Basics – Top 5 Need-To-Know Parts of your AC System

Air Conditioning units run on a basic but brilliant law of Physics called “Phase inversion”, which states that when a liquid converts into a gas, it absorbs heat. This is how Air Conditioning units work at its most simplified level. AC units contain a chemical compound known as a refrigerant, and pump this compound through a system of coils, fans and compressors, to suck the heat out of the air and pump it back outside. But the parts of an air conditioner are far more complicated than this. Here we will talk about the five most important parts of the Air Conditioner that you need to know.

The first part we will discuss are the evaporator coils. When hot air from the room is passed over these cold, low-pressure coils by use of fans, the liquid compound inside the coils absorbs the heat from the air as it changes to a gas. This is where the heat goes when you use Air Conditioning. As the gas is then passed from these coils it takes the heat away to the next component of the AC system.

This component is called the compressor. It has the function of returning the coolant gas from a gaseous state, back to a liquid state, by use of pressure. It is, simply put, a pressurized pump. The coolant gas, which has absorbed all the heat energy is now pressurized. This creates unwanted heat as the gas is converted into a liquid.

From here it goes to the Condenser. The condenser coils are the hot counterpart to the cold evaporator coils. Here, the heat given off, as the coolant compound is turned from gas to liquid, is removed from the coils by another set of fans which extracts the heat and pumps it outside. This is where all the heat in your home goes when you use Air Conditioning. The coolant compound has now returned to the cold liquid state that the cycle originates from and so, must be returned to the start of the system.

From the Condenser, the compound goes to a unit known as the Expansion valve. The expansion valve lies between the Evaporator and the Condensor Coils and has a basic function of regulating how much coolant is passed from the Condenser back to the Evaporator, thus completing the cycle.

The final components which you need to know are the fans. The fans are responsible for moving cold and hot air in and out of the AC unit and without the fans, Air conditioning would not be possible. There is a large network of fans and ducts within the AC unit that are all designed to move air around in the system so that heat transfer from the air to the coils and then from the coils to the outside air can occur, making them essential components. Now you can identify the top five need-to-know parts of your AC unit and their basic function in relation to each other.

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