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6 HVAC Features to Look for When Buying a Commercial Building 

As you contemplate buying a commercial building, you might be quite aware that the heating and cooling requirements for this kind of property are a totally different ball game compared to residential heating requirements. Here, you have a bigger building to think about. In addition, the heating and cooling needs of the numerous sections of the building will not be uniform; the offices, warehouse and conference/meeting room will have varying heating and cooling needs of your employees, customers and guests. So, what are the critical HVAC features you should look for as you scout around for the best building to buy?

Heating & Cooling Your Commercial Building

Size of HVAC system

HVAC systems meant for commercial buildings require higher capacity to handle cooling and heating in a significantly larger space compared to their residential counterparts. However, this too depends on the size of the building you intend to buy. Correct sizing of the system will ensure your facility’s cooling and heating needs are adequately met. Consult a heating expert to assess the suitability of the size of the building’s HVAC system before you commit to pay.


Zoned heating in the building creates separate the zones in the building where heating and cooling levels can be controlled precisely. This ensures you only use the system where and when it is needed and at varying levels depending on the unique needs of each zone. This is one sure approach to minimizing your energy costs. A HVAC professional will come in handy in establishing the effectiveness and efficiency of the zoning that has been done on the building or in assessing the costs and advising you on what to do in order to create effective zones in the building.

Additional heating and cooling equipment

Most HVAC systems have add-on components meant to improve equipment efficiency, system performance and overall comfort levels. You don’t want to incur further costs installing these additions into the system after you have sealed the purchase. Check and confirm the presence and quality of the following cost saving features.


These will help in cooling by pulling in more air if the air outside the facility is cooler than the air inside. This will save costs by allowing the HVAC system to run less.

Programmable thermostats

These give you accurate and precise control over the operation of your cooling and heating equipment. They can be programmed to automatically decrease cooling and heating when it is not required, for instance when the facility is closed, and then rise HVAC operation in time for the facility’s interior to be comfortable by the time you open for the day.

Carbon dioxide sensors

Also called demand sensors, these allow the system to accurately detect the number of people in the building or specific zone of the building and adjust cooling or heating production accordingly. This is a vital cost-reduction strategy that ensures the system’s output matches with the requirements of the people inside. With this you avoid unnecessary use of energy for your air conditioning needs.

These are just a few of the features you need to look at as you embark on buying a commercial building and making sure it’s heated and cooled properly. For more information on this important topic, contact us. We are always ready and willing to provide you with all information and solutions concerning all your commercial HVAC needs.

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