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5 Step Maintenance Checklist for your Home Cooling System

Keeping your home cool is important during the summer months. It is essential that you check your air conditioning unit and also take proper steps to maintain it and keep it clean. Performing regular maintenance on your unit will ensure that it stays working properly and keeps your home cool. Follow this checklist below and take the steps to keep your unit in tip top shape for the coming summer.


Make sure that you are replacing your air filter on a monthly basis. Air filters are used to filter out dust and other substances from getting into the AC system. These filters become dirty after being used and can actually harm your unit. When they are clogged they will cause low air flow, cost you more in energy, and also cause your unit to freeze up. Air filters are easy to replace and should be done every 30 days.


Another maintenance step is to check all of your duct work. It is not common for there to be a problem but it can happen. You should visually inspect the duct work for any tears or holes. Sometimes when the ducts become loose they can leak air as well. It is also beneficial to listen and feel for leaking air while you are in your attic as this is a sign there is a problem with the ducts. You can simply fix them by patching them up and preventing the air from escaping.


Checking the refrigerant in your system is another maintenance step that should not be overlooked. Many times people never even think to check the Refrigerant level but it is important. Refrigerant is needed to keep your air cold and also to prevent your system from freezing up. Simply check the level of the Refrigerant and if it is low, fill it up.

Outside Unit

Make sure to clean off the outside of your unit. Leaves and dirt tend to clutter the top of the unit and can fall into the unit and cause problems. The unit should be completely clear of any and all debris. This will allow the unit to work correctly and prevent any breaks.

Tune Up

Even though all of the maintenance steps above can be done at home and by the home owner it is still important to have a technician come out and do a tune up. Tune ups are useful because the technician can diagnose any problems with the unit and help aid you in getting it fixed. Sometimes problems are not always on the surface and a tune up is a great idea.

This maintenance checklist will keep your AC unit running smoothly throughout the summertime. It is important to always properly maintain your unit if you want it to work for you. Maintaining your AC unit will also help save you time, money and prevent any unexpected breaks. Having a properly working AC unit is achievable if you put a little bit of time into keeping the unit up.

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