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4 Green Solutions for a Cool Summer

Staying cool this summer does not mean you have to sacrifice being green and eco-friendly. You are able to keep your energy bill lowered and also be able to keep the environment safe as well by following these tips.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an economical ways to help the environment while also keeping your home cool during the summer. Ceiling fans work by circulating the air throughout your home and keeping the rooms cooler. You are able to give up running your AC constantly by running ceiling fans. Ceiling fans also to help lower the costs of your electric bill by allowing you to not have to run it as much.


This is a green idea that is beneficial for everyone. You can open the windows in your home. This helps not only air out your home but it also allows for fresh air flow. This method will help bring the costs down in your home since it is free to open your windows. You can pair opening your windows with running the ceiling fans and really reap in the benefits of having a greener home and lowering your bills.

Shades and Shutters

You can take another green step towards keeping your home cool by adding shutters and awnings to the outside of your home. These shutters will help cover the windows enough to provide shade and keep your home cooler. They protect your home from direct sunlight which will keep your home that much more cool. You can pair this green option with the other two above and your home will really stay cool during the summer.


This is a great solution to making your home more green and cooling your home as well. This option is extremely beneficial for the environment. You can plant trees around your home to provide shade. Not only will the trees provide your home with the necessary shade needed to protect it from the direct sunlight and heat, it will also catch breezes and cool your home even faster. Another great reason to plant trees in your yard is you are actually giving back to the environment. These trees benefit the atmosphere and also provide more air to the earth.

Turning your home into a green home during the summer is able to be accomplished by following the steps above. There are extra steps that can be taken to even further benefit your home and keep it cool. Making sure that your air conditioner is working properly is another benefit to maintaining a cool home during the summer. Trees are a great solution and help to provide your home with shade and homes for animals. If your home has older windows then you can consider replacing those as well. It will help to keep your home cooler and maintain the air flow. Lastly, check out your insulation and try to remember to keep your ceiling fans on during the summer when you are in a room. This will keep the air circulating.

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